The mission of the IASC is to group the Societies of Cardiology of all American countries to promote the progress of cardiology, research, teaching and the association of physicians, surgeons and researchers specializing in this field.

The IASC also promotes optimal cardiovascular health in the population of the Americas through education and continuing professional development of membership.



The IASC seeks to unify the representing Cardiovascular Societies of all countries in the Americas in order to facilitate the progress of cardiovascular science by:

  1. Promoting research and exchange.
  2. Sponsoring post-graduate education education and continued professional development.
  3. Giving a value to being a fellow of the “Society”.



Integrity: Ethics in all our activities.

Excellence: Professional skill development and innovation in research for the benefit of patients and the general population.

Transparency: Open communication to share information and knowledge.

Collaboration: Interaction with others in a mature, respectful manner.

Diversity: Honoring the diversity of people, their skills, knowledge and beliefs.