Fellowship of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology (FIASC)


The appointment of Fellow of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology (FIASC) will be awarded to members of medical societies as a formal recognition of their great professional achievements in the cardiovascular arena.

The selection of doctors to receive the fellowship will be based on their professional credentials, achievements in research and teaching, contributions to the community in cardiovascular medicine and who are members of a Cardiovascular Association/Society affiliated to the IASC. Those who receive this nomination may use FIASC, Fellow of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology, as a professional designation.

Candidates of Cardiovascular Associations/Societies Cardiovascular who are not a member of the IASC may also be selected for fellowship.

Fellow recognition:

Fellows will be honored at a special ceremony during the Inter-American Congress of Cardiology.

Fellow nomination process:

Candidates who qualify as a fellow must submit their request to the Secretariat of the IASC. The Nominating Committee will evaluate and make recommendations to the Executive Committee of the IASC who will then notify the candidate about the result of the nomination process.

Requirements to apply to the fellowship of IASC:

To qualify for appointment, the candidate must be certified as an Adult Cardiologist, Pediatric Cardiologist or Cardiovascular Surgeon for an association or a member of the IASC Society.

The requirements to be nominated are as follows:

  • The candidate must have at least 10 consecutive years of medical practice without interruptions.
  • The candidate must carry out scientific or clinically significant research in the area of cardiovascular medicine.
  • The candidate must perform outstanding service as a professor of cardiovascular medicine.
  • The candidate must belong to national and international medical organizations.
  • The candidate must pay a single fee of $ 120 US dollars.

Procedure for applying to the Fellowship:

Each candidate must submit the application form and at least 2 letters of recommendation from members of her/his local Cardiovascular Association/Society and a letter from the President of her/his local Cardiovascular Association/Society. The candidate must include her/his resume along with a cover letter explaining the reasons why you want to run to receive the FIASC, noting the important leadership positions, national awards for teaching or research and number of relevant publications. Information related to teaching or research should include the amount of time spent on them.

Fellow benefits:

The designation alone speaks of the contributions of the candidate in Cardiovascular Medicine within the Americas and highlights its commitment to the profession.

IASC Fellows will be invited as speakers in cardiovascular regional scientific meetings and to participate in research and academic activities organized by the IASC.

Finally, they will also be invited to participate in the Inter-American Congress of Cardiology and receive benefits in terms of enrollment.


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